A development platform for Webstrates.


Codestrate Packages: An Alternative to “One-Size-Fits-All” Software

This report presents the Codestrates v2 development platform for Webstrates. Webstrates is an experimental platform to explore the vision of computational media. Codestrates v2 consists of three components: The Webstrates Package Manager, the Execution engine, and the authoring environment Cauldron. Together, the three components create a powerful development platform for Webstrates on top of Webstrates. This report summarizes the background of the project and its original motivation. We introduce the three components, explain their functionality and use, and provide details about how they are implemented. Finally, two example cases illustrate how the platform allows to create a simple todo list application and a computational notebook.

Time Frame

PhD Research Project

Janus Bager Kristensen
Rolf Bagge
Clemens N. Klokmose

Computational Media, Shareable Dynamic Media, Malleable Software, Web development, Webstrates, Codestrates



Marcel Borowski, Janus Bager Kristensen, Rolf Bagge, and Clemens N. Klokmose. 2021. Codestrates V2: A Development Platform for Webstrates. Technical Report. Aarhus University. URL: Aarhus University